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5- letter word also valid with letter S added in front



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List of 5- letter words also valid with letter S added in front

abbed, abled, ables, acker, acred, added, adder, addle, after, agene, agger, aigas, ailed, aired, airer, alary, aline, allee, allow, alter, altos, ambos, ample, ancho, angas, anger, apple, argus, ashed, ashes, asses, auger, aunts, avant, avers, avine, awing, cabby, caffs, calls, calps, camel, campi, camps, cants, canty, capas, caped, capes, cared, carer, cares, carps, carry, carts, catch, catty, caups, cents, cerne, chavs, chout, cions, clave, cliff, coffs, colds, cones, cooch, coops, coots, coped, copes, cored, corer, cores, coria, corns, corse, coups, cours, couth, cowed, cowls, cowps, crabs, crags, crams, crans, crape, craps, crawl, craws, crays, creak, cream, creed, crees, crews, cried, cries, crimp, crims, crine, crogs, crome, crows, crump, cuffs, culch, culls, curfs, curry, curvy, cutch, cutes, daine, deign, eaned, eared, eased, eases, eater, edged, edges, edile, educe, eggar, elect, elfed, elves, enate, ended, ender, entry, ering, erred, esses, ettle, evens, every, ewers, exing, exist, hacks, haded, hades, hafts, hakes, haled, hales, halms, hamba, hamed, hames, hammy, hands, handy, hanks, hards, hared, hares, harks, harns, harps, harpy, haugh, hauls, haven, haver, haves, hawed, hawms, heals, hears, heath, heave, heels, hells, helve, hends, herds, herry, heuch, heugh, hewed, hewer, hills, hinny, hippo, hired, hires, hists, hiver, hives, hocks, hoers, honky, hooks, hoots, hoppy, hough, house, houts, hoved, hovel, hover, hoves, hucks, huggy, hules, hunts, hying, icker, ickle, idled, idler, idles, iller, imply, ingle, inker, inned, inner, inter, iring, izars, kails, karts, keens, keets, kells, kelly, kelps, kerry, ketch, kiddy, kiers, kills, kinks, kited, kites, koffs, krans, kytes, lacks, lades, laked, laker, lakes, lanes, lants, latch, lated, later, laved, laver, laves, layed, layer, leave, leaze, ledge, leech, leeks, leeps, leets, licks, lieve, light, limed, limes, lings, links, linky, lippy, lived, liven, liver, lives, loans, lobby, logan, loids, looms, loops, loots, loped, loper, lopes, loppy, lough, lowed, lower, lowly, luffs, lummy, lumps, lumpy, lurry, lushy, macks, maiks, malls, malms, malmy, malts, marms, marts, match, mazes, meath, mells, melts, merks, meuse, middy, midge, might, miler, miles, mirks, mirky, miter, mites, mocks, moggy, mokes, mokos, molts, mooch, moors, moots, mores, mouch, mouse, moyle, mudge, murry, mutch, naggy, nails, naked, nappy, nares, narks, narky, natch, neaps, neath, necks, neeze, nelly, nicks, nided, nides, niffs, niffy, nifty, nippy, nobby, nooks, noops, nowed, nubby, nudge, nuffs, oaked, oaken, oaker, oared, oaves, obole, odium, often, ofter, oiled, older, olein, olive, oller, omber, ombre, onces, ooped, orbed, ought, ouped, outer, owing, owled, paced, pacer, paces, pacey, pails, pains, pales, palls, paned, panes, pangs, pared, parer, pares, parge, parks, parky, parry, parse, parts, pates, pauls, pavin, pawls, pawns, payed, peaks, peals, peans, pears, peats, pecks, pecky, peels, peers, peise, pells, pelts, pence, pends, perms, perse, perst, phene, picas, picks, piers, pight, piked, piker, pikes, pikey, piled, piles, pills, pinas, pined, pines, pinks, pinny, pinto, plash, plats, plays, poddy, poked, pokes, pongy, poofs, poofy, pooks, pools, poons, poots, poral, pored, pores, ports, porty, potty, pouts, pouty, prang, prats, prays, preed, prees, prent, prier, prigs, print, prods, progs, prong, pryer, puddy, puers, puggy, pules, punks, punky, purge, pyres, quads, quail, quare, quark, quash, quats, quids, quiff, quill, quint, quire, quirt, quits, table, tacks, taggy, taigs, tains, takes, taler, tales, talks, talky, talls, tamps, tangs, tanks, tapes, tared, tares, tarns, tarry, tarts, tater, tates, tatus, tawed, teads, teaks, teals, teams, tears, teddy, teels, teems, teens, teers, teils, telae, teles, telic, tells, temed, temes, tench, tends, tents, teres, terns, tewed, ticks, ticky, tiffs, tiled, tiles, tills, tilly, tilts, timed, times, tings, tinks, tints, tinty, tired, tires, titch, tocks, tocky, toits, toked, toker, tokes, toled, toles, tomia, toned, toner, tones, toney, tonks, tonne, tools, toped, toper, topes, tores, touns, tours, touts, towed, tower, trads, traik, train, trait, tramp, traps, trass, trays, tress, trews, trick, tride, trigs, trike, tripe, trips, tripy, trode, troke, troll, trout, trove, trows, troys, truck, tubby, tucks, tuffs, tumps, tumpy, tying, tyler, tyred, tyres, udder, unbed, under, unhat, unket, unlit, unset, upped, upper, urged, urger, urges, utile, waddy, waged, wager, wages, wails, wains, waled, wales, wanks, wanky, wards, warms, warty, washy, watch, wayed, weals, wears, weels, weeny, weeps, weepy, weets, weirs, wells, welts, wifty, wills, wines, winge, wings, wingy, winks, wiped, wiper, wipes, wires, witch, withe, wived, wives, woons, woops, woosh, words & wound

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